Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Go Go Dance Group Kuumat Putket

Go Go Dance Group Kuumat Putket ('Hot Tubes') is a Finnish wannabe-go-go-dance group that was founded one night in a bar by a group of dance professionals.

Kuumat Putket comprises of ten artists who work with contemporary dance. The group creates performances and happenings that engage in dialogue with various phenomena of popular culture.

The group has created two stage performances: a drag show entitled JUST Queens (2013) and Divine - A New Age musical (2015) that were both performed to packed theatres and made waves in the social media.


Go Go Dance Group Kuumat Putket are

Elina Hauta-aho, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Heli Meklin, Maija Mustonen, Noora Nenonen, Laura Pietiläinen, Linda Priha, Anni Rissanen, Paula Tuovinen, and Aino Voutilainen.